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How to Get Real Estate Business on Yelp

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Eighty percent of consumers searching online for real estate turned, uh, turned to yelp or review sites like Yelp. Yelp, it’s market share is a 185,000,000 visitors per month in the second quarter of 2000. 185,000,000 per quarter or per month and that was from the second quarter. So that’s the data that’s, um, almost a year old and it’s growing monthly. So, um, one thing that, this is key right here, um, if you look at this chart, um 92 percent of consumers searching yelp for real estate services make a purchase after using the platform. So if they’re searching for a mortgage lender like myself or they’re searching for a real estate agent, if they’re going to Yelp, they’re making, they’re making a purchase decision. Um, and these are the stats right here. 81 percent make a purchase within one week, 48 percent within a day. Um, so those are, if somebody contacting you through Yelp, it’s, in my opinion, it’s a hot lead, um, especially if you get them on the phone, the ones I just got a pre approval yesterday million dollar purchase in Sammamish.

Um, so, you know, she called me, they messaged you through the yelp. It’s, it’s, they’re not quite as serious as they are if they call you, in my past experience. These are, um, just a few more stats here. 92 percent that are using it for real estate service make a purchase after calling a business. So I find that for sure my conversion rate is way higher when they call me as opposed to messaging me through yelp. Um, and then this is just demographic stuff, but you guys are going to get, um, a copy of this right here. And um, and this goes into a little bit more, uh, this is kinda my spreadsheet and cheat sheet. So when you guys go to set up your yelp page, um, this will kind of guide you a little bit, but now we’re going to just, I’m just going to show you, um, a little bit about how to set it up. Ok, so this is the yelp dot Biz. So you’re going to go, when you start opening, when you open a yelp account, you’re going to go to Biz.yelp, and then you’re going to put in your business name. So normally you would put in, um, it right here, but chances are, um, it hasn’t been set up. So this is if somebody set up a yelp for you already. So if it hasn’t been set up, because this would be claiming your business or finding it.

So, uh, um, Bellevue, Washington Summit Properties Northwest, then click on get started. So you’ll see, um, yeah, this, this, this shot, this is your guys as well. So if somebody already claimed this. So if it’s already claimed and, and, and say you work for, you know, you can add your business to yelp right here. So this is manually adding it, this is what most of you guys would do. You manually add your business, and this is where you would put in, um, the business name, all that information here, all the data, the web address, phone number, um, categories. You would put real estate agents. That’s the number one category. Number two would be real estate services because you can do more than one category. I have mortgage lender and mortgage broker for my categories. So that’s what you do. Once you do all this, you’re going to get a confirmation email. You’re gonna click on that email, you are gonna open it up, and then what you’re going to see from there is you’re going to see your actual page, which here’s my page. Yelp for business owners, and you’ll log in user id, password,

and, um, there’s my Kirkland page. So this is what you’re going to see, right? Then you’re going to see, um, these tabs. Um, the first one is, um, you know, setting up and managing your business. You’re going to go to business information. This is your business Information tab. This is where kind of everything comes into as far as like, um, your information as far as your business, your contact info, your website. Um, you’ll see the categories, they’re yours, you know, mine says mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders,
um, yours, yours would be real estate agents and real estate services, um, photos, hours,
um, all that information. So you’ll want to, after you go in there and set it up, your first thing you’re going to want to do, and this is how, this is one of the tricks on how to get ranked really high. Um, it’s, this is if you’re gonna, you know, if you’re going to tune out a all time anytime during this Webinar, don’t tune out. Now. Um, this is the seo content and very important. This is how, this is the number one way, way other than a few reviews that you get ranked high on Yelp and it’s the specialty section. It’s, um, the first few sentences are what customers would see on yelp. Um, the rest of it is just content for Seo and it’s very important that, um, you use good seo content. Um, so you know, for what you’re doing, for work, so if it’s, um, you know, I work with first time home buyers that work with move-up buyers. I’m a, I’m a certified, um, buyer’s agent, listing agent. You want to have all that keyword content somehow in, in your specialty section. Um, and then also, you know, history and, and meet the manager history is just, you know,

Fairway was established in 1996. I did it more corporate than personal history. Um, I’ve been in the business since 2001 as a mortgage lender, but um Fairway has been around since 1996. So I did it, you know, based on the company I work for and then meet the manager is um, me talking first person to the public. Um, and that is also very important for keyword content because I played with this and, you know, once I got it down, you know, I was, I was able to get my ranking to usually I’m ranked number one or number two, I’m in Kirkland and uh, I’m in the top five in Bellevue, um, top three in Redmond. So there’s also tricks to that. Essentially at first I was just showing up on Kirkland searches and I was like, I need to figure out how do I get business out of other areas and I’m going to show you guys that too, because you can, um, you can broaden your, um, a yelp when you come upon a yelp search. You can broaden the cities that you’ll show up in and there’s a way to do that. And that’s crucial to getting. I’m doing a purchase right now actually. Crazy enough, the guys in Bremerton. So, um, so anyhow, that’s a little bit about that business information as you want to go in there. And any of this you can edit, you’ll see the edit button’s, um, then you’ll want to upload some photos to photos and videos. I recommend putting your personal profile photo in first.

So if you have a business photo of yourself, um, you know, I put in photos of my family because I want people to know I’m a family man. Um, I have some logos and you guys could put pictures of a few houses that maybe you sold. Um, you know, as a Summit Properties Northwest logo, um, but first put your profile picture in there because you want that show up first, um, and Yelp, customer service recommends at least for photos. So, whether you put four or ten is up to you, but I would put at least four in there, um, because these are things I spent hours on the phone with them over the last two years, tweaking things and asking questions. They’re very helpful. Yelp, customer service, so don’t be afraid to call them. Um, so once you’ve done that, um, there’s a few other things that you can do to enhance your profile on yelp.

I’m, of course you don’t need a ton of reviews to get ranked high. Um, if you, once you get to like five reviews, you can actually get ranked. Um, you know, you can get ranked pretty high. Um, you know, I’ve seen there’s people I’ve helped that, um, have gotten in the top five with a, you know, less than 10 reviews. So the other thing is, is page upgrades. There’s a couple of them, now, I don’t pay for advertising it, this is all organic, but I do pay um, between $50 and $75 a month to upgrade my page and what that does, it doesn’t have anything to do with the rankings, but it will, um, attract customers to your page if they’re on it, you know, and it’ll keep the competitors away. So page upgrades, there’s call to action. I don’t do this one by itself, um, but I do the enhanced, which is $75. This alone is $50. Call to action is when you want to have a banner on your page that says, “hey, I’m here”. Um, here’s, here’s mine. It says: “apply online today. It’s easy”. This is the mobile call to action. This one right here, and this is what they see on their website, on their, on their pc. Um, there’s two different ones. The mobile one has a little room for another line underneath and I have 17 years experience, 15 day closings on mine. So when a consumer clicks on that, um, this is what they’ll see.

This is what they’ll see. Here we go, here’s my page. Um, they’ll see this right here, this banner right here. Learn more. That takes them uhh, that takes them to my application. So I’ve gotten applications where I’ve never even talked to the guy, the client, and they just applied. Oh, I got an application and so I contacted them, I call them, how do I finally found you on Yelp? Um, and um, you know, so this takes them right to my…so you can have him go to your home search website or if you have a lead capture page for something that you’re doing to capture their information. Like contact me now today for a free home market analysis, um, you know, um, so whatever you feel that would be good on that, there’s, you can go look at some of the top realtors on yelp and see what they’re doing. Um, so that’s the call to action. That alone is 50 bucks a month. I do the enhanced, which is $75 total and the enhanced is basically under page upgrades right here.

Then what that does is it restricts competitors ads on my page that allows me to set up my photos and a slide show. So it’s rotating when the consumers on my page, rotates the pictures, um, and it gives me the call to action. All of that is $75 a month. You don’t have to do that to start, but after you get your page up and rolling and you’ve got seven or eight reviews, I would consider it. It’s very cheap. And, um, you know, um, for me, if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it? So I, you know, I keep it, I keep it going. Um, so then once you’ve determined if you want to do that, you can do what’s called a check in offer. Um, this, by the way, if you’ve noticed when you’re on Yelp, it looks different on an iphone or a smartphone than it does a, a PC.

This check-in offer does not come up on my page on a PC, but on an iphone, it comes up and you can see here my check-in offer is save $500 on your closing costs when you close your loan with Dan Chapman and his team at Fairway Independent Mortgage. Just gives them a little extra incentive to, uh, give me a call. Um, that’s a check-in offer. Um, so the next on this, on this little sheet that you’re going to get is your activity feed. Um, the activity feed is right here, and what that is, that’ll, that’ll give you leads and tell you whose, whose contacted you. Um, here’s the 12 month leads right here. I’ve gotten 167 consumer leads from yelp in the last 12 months. Um, 726 page views. This is not entirely accurate because a lead is not somebody who calls you on the phone from outside of Yelp. Most people will call from outside of yelp. They’ll dial my phone number or they’ll see my website. Oh, it’s Dan Chapman loans and they’ll go to that. Um, so the leads, I’ve actually gotten more than these leads right here. Um, but then again, some of these leads aren’t real leads either because they may just click on my website, they may have viewed the map for my business. So this tells you what is the lead right here, consumer leads.

Um, so this tells you what is a lead and um, you know, anybody that’s looked at anybody that’s basically been on your page and clicked on anything that’s a lead. So I’m revenue estimate is just based on, you can put, you can input what you make on a, you know, your average purchase. If it’s, you make $10,000 on your average, you know, purchase or uh, or listing, you can put that in there. Whatever it is that you make and however you know your, what your conversion rate is. So, um, so that’s a little bit about that. Um, this is the next thing, tips and tricks on how to get ranked high. Um, first is SEO content. Second is, well you need to get reviews. If you can get at least five reviews, work on your seo content, under the business information section, get at least four photos. Um, another thing you’ll want to do, very important, download the a biz.yelp app on your phone, download the app because that gives you this same interface on your phone, on a, on, a, on an app, on your phone. Then it will also notify you if you get a message, for instance, you go to your inbox here and you get a message from somebody.

It’ll, um, this is the gal that actually messaged me and she ended up calling me that I am pre approving, um, for that million dollar purchase. So you’ll get a message and you can get a notification on your phone and the phone will say, hey, you got to yelp lead and you want, you want to reply to that fairly quickly. And here’s why: yelp ranks you on your reply time. Um, you want, ideally you want to be within three hours. So it’ll say, it’ll mine says, see what mine says, replies in about 40 minutes, 100 percent response rate. The key to conversion on yelp is speed to respond. Um, people, you know, they want, they want information right away so you get a, yelp lead. If they call you, call them back as soon as you can. If they message you through Yelp, message them back as soon as you can. It’s very important. The other thing I want to talk about, because I know we’re running short on time here, is see my map? Um, I was looking on Mike, the money man’s site and I was going how is Mike the money man, how has he stretched out and I’m not? Um, let’s go mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, they’re similar categories. I’m ranked one and as a lender, two as a broker, technically we’re not even brokers, but um,

so basically, um, you know, he had a bigger map than mine. His was spread out. Mine was not spread out. I wanted to, um, I wanted to cover more cities. So I called them and they told me that you can put up to six cities in your map coverage area. So my map and that means people are in those cities. You’ll come up on the Yelp, um, so there’s my map. You can spread that out. Um, I’ve got it all the way up to basically ever it all the way south to Tacoma. Um, it stretches to Bainbridge and so you can stretch your map out so you get yelp leads, you get the leads from all these different cities that you want to work in. So if you don’t want to drive to ever don’t tell them Everett, you know, um, you can, you can input this into business information section or you can call yelp and they’ll do it for you.

But that’s real important because that, that got me literally from closing five in 2016 to covering certain areas and in closing 22 last year. So, um, I mean that was one of the reasons, that and being ranked high. So you know, those are, those are the service areas, definitely what you want to cover. So, um, those are the basics. I’ll get you guys a, I’ll email you guys or Sean will email you this cheat sheet that kind of went over everything. We went over right here. Umm normally, when I do a live class, they’ll, I’ll do a Q & A. There is a lot of questions and answers. Um, you guys, if you want to set up an appointment with me to do this individually, one time we could do that. If you want to call me and make an appointment over the phone, uh, you know, it might be easier to, to schedule a time to talk over the phone. Um, we can do a screen-share that where I can see your screen or you could see mine, um, or we could just do it verbally. But, um, but that’s about it. That’s the, those are your yelp basics. And um, you know, one last thing. Oh, one last thing I want to mention is when somebody googles, um, let me get out of this Kirkland mortgage lenders, you know, or if it’s a realtor real estate, the first organic, these are all ads.

The first organic listing is yelp. Second is zillow. So this is how a lot of people will get to me, is they’ll, um, they’ll go to yelp because it’s the first organic listing. It says top ten mortgage brokers, this is the mortgage broker category. So you see there I am number two, um, you know, um in Kirkland so.

Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds

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