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How Social Media Grows Your Business

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Hi, I’m Sean Reynolds, the owner of Summit Properties NW and Reynolds and Kline Appraisal and today I have with me Dan Chapman of Fairway Independent Mortgage and we’ve shot a few videos before Dan. uh, we’ve actually got quite a few and one of the reasons I like to shoot videos with you is because you have a really good social media presence. You post consistently, you have a number of sites and you get your content out there. So we know that any video that we shoot with you, it’s going to get out there. And so tell me a little bit about the sites that you have. Okay. Well, my main is I guess my facebook page, Dan Chapman loans and um, that’s uh, for my business do that and then I’ve got um, you know, I mean obviously YouTube account. Um, and then, um, the groups that I’m involved in the Facebook like you’ve got a group summit properties northwest.

I’ve got the northwest real estate group, a couple hundred members in there. It seems to be growing pretty rapidly lately. So I’m looking forward to getting that up to maybe about 500 member mark. Um, and then a private group for a mastermind that I hold for realtors and then Google+ it gets out there. And Googles great SEO, you know, you can get people coming in from the Internet just through SEO searches, um, to seeing your videos, and you do, you kind of a presentation on using Yelp for business. You have also incorporated, um, recently Google for business. Yeah. So you tell me a little bit about that. Yeah. Yelp kinda was like, okay, I want to validate what I do for some reviews. That was how I started at first. And I started getting phone calls. I just got ranked really high and I’m like, Hey, this is pretty good.

I’m going to get some more reviews, make sure my page is really dialed in and optimized. Ended up getting ranked number one in Kirkland for, for a while. I’m usually bouncing between one and two, you know, there’s a lot more people on Yelp now, so it’s very competitive. But um, but yeah, got a lot of business from Yelp. The other one is Google my business, which is now linked to your Google+ account. So it’s really easy to end. You can go in there and it’s, you can get reviews, they’ll show all the reviews. So if somebody gives you a Google review, it’s going to stay. So hopefully it’s a good one because it’s not going away. Whereas Yelp, you know, may not recommend it. Um, which means they’re not going to show it. So, but that’s definitely a way to not only validate your service as a real estate professional, but also to bring in business.

You know, I’m, I’m trying to provide educational value and market awareness about real estate in general, not just financing the housing market trends in the housing market. Um, you know, what’s going on with the mortgage market, you know, where are rates headed, why are they headed in this direction, why are they going up right now? Um, you know, once in a while it’ll be, you know, a shout out to some realtors that I’ve just closed the transaction. Congratulations to them, you know, 10, 15, 20-day clothes, whatever it was. And then, um, you know, shout out to my team for doing a great job. I’m just, you know, awareness about what we do and then also what the, the, the people that I work with do as far as like my team members, realtors, um, and then anything real estate related because we’re all in real estate, even though I do the finance partying part, you know, it’s all the same business.

I look at it that way. Yeah. And you and I have just recently worked on a deal. I’ve referred to buyers to another broker up north and that’s Courtney and Brandon and you did the financing and I referred those buyers to you. Right? So it all Kinda works together. Yeah. Yeah. So, so anytime we can help each other out and about educating our clients and referral sources and just making everybody, um, you know, stronger and what they, what they know and what’s going on in the market to help people make better decisions. And, and um, go from there and you shoot some of your own videos, you do a really good job getting your content out there. Tell me about that process for you. Yeah, my process is really simple, not as, not as technical as yours. Uh, I just basically pick a topic and you know, about once a month I’ll do a market update, what’s going on with the market, um, what’s going on with rates.

Um, but the other stuff would be, um, maybe some, it can be targeted for a class I’m holding for realtors and it can be anything real estate related. It could be how to, you know, there’s low inventory, right? How do we fight through this to get our buyers offers, accepted in this tough market, things like that. Whatever’s going on in the market right then is what I’m going to talk about. Current topics, topics that help people that engage real estate brokers for you, but also buyers and for us buyers and sellers and real estate brokers to provide solutions for your brokers and you know, that you’re working with as a real estate professional and as an appraiser. And I want to try to provide solutions for my clients and for my realtor partners, whatever that is to help us, you know, grow our businesses. Right, right.

One of the topics you and I talked about at lunch. Thank you for lunch, but you’re welcome. That was excellent. Um, as we are moving, not moving from a Facebook but we are transitioning more heavily into Instagram as kind of a platform and we’re seeing a lot of other brokers do the same thing. And so for us, that means doing some Instagram live sessions, putting some stories out there on our business account and then also posting to our timeline and that’s a lot of what we’re doing. And so we’re also filming for our brokers a lot of the really small clips because Instagram is typically, you know, you want to be between 15 seconds and a minute tops. So it’s a different format than even what you and I are doing right now. Right. I love that. For real estate though, I think it’s perfect because real estate, you want to show what the property looks like, you know, new listing.

Here’s the house, here’s the address, here’s the picture. You can do a quick video. You guys can. Do you guys do the um, the drone stuff. I think it’s awesome. Yup. Yeah. We’ve got an in-house drone and the drone ariels that you can get from that are so different than what you can get walking on the street. But we’ve also been doing some more, Hey, here’s a couple of brokers with their buyer walking along the street. This is what it looks like. And you can use that in so many different ways because it provides a different perspective and people just want to see new cool stuff. Yeah. And then it’s just about after that, the posting, growing your follower base, how do you grow your follower base, you know, get more people viewing your stuff, right? Getting your name out there, establishing who Dan Chapman is, Fairway Independent Mortgage, who Summit Properties NW is and social media.

Such an easy way, an effective way to get our names out there. And it’s also, for the most part, pretty cost effective as well because you don’t spend a ton of time. Not much time and not much money. Do you have a personal website or our business website? Yeah. Yeah, so I actually have the corporate one that they gave me, which is Daniel Chapman loans. I’m not, it’s fine, but my Dan Chapman loans one is the one that’s a little more customized, more and more. A little more personable than working on post kind of. Yeah, there’s blogs, there’s a blog on there. I don’t post on the blog too much, but I’m working on um, some putting some video content on there. So maybe this video. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, so I actually have a meeting Friday with the web developer to kind of talk about that.

It’s tough right now because it’s so busy, so I may not get to the total rebranding of what I want to do to slow it down a little bit, but because as much as we’d like to just do videos all day long and social media we have, we actually have homes to get closed loans to get funded and stuff. Real life stuff. Well Dan, thank you so much for coming today. Thanks for having me. Kind of sharing with us what you’re doing on your end if things social media-wise, um, and I look forward to shooting the next one with. Perfect. Awesome. Thanks Sean. All right. Once again, I’m Sean Reynolds from Summit Properties NW and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal and Dan Chapman from Fairway Independent Mortgage. Love to have you subscribe to this Youtube channel and, or like comment down below. And again, thanks for watching the video by. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. If you like what you saw, please hit the subscribe button down below and check out our other content will have links right here for other videos we’ve recently shot. Again, thanks for watching.

Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds

The Owner and Designated Managing Broker of Summit Properties NW and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal.



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