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Anatomy of a 16 Million Dollar Listing | Eagle Cove Estate | Summit Properties NW LLC

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Hi, I’m Sean Reynolds, the owner of Summit Properties Northwest and Reynolds and Kline Appraisal and today I have with me Mr. Wes Jones. What’s up guys? Of Keller Williams Real Estate and we are at the Eagle Cove, Eagle Cove estate. That’s right. And this is a $16,000,000 listing that Wes recently brought on.

In the background you can see we’ve got Lake Washington right here. It’s a compound of about four homes and we’ve got what, 140 something front feet of waterfront. Yep, that’s just about right. And what we’ve got is four homes right here. We’ve got three of the main houses, three luxury homes. We have a guest house that has some real historical significance to this property and then we have the big boat house that is basically a boat garage and houses up to a 60 footer and about 140 something feet of waterfront. What do you say we go take a quick walk and take a look through?

Well Wes, thank you so much for inviting us to your $16,000,000 compound today. We’ve really enjoyed touring it. Yeah, thanks for coming out. Yep and we hope the viewers got something out of it. Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

#EagleCoveEstate Event was a success!! ??

Once again we are so blessed to have so many great people around us!! Our business only exists because of you! A BIG thanks to Wes Jones and his team for hosting Summit!! Join us for a quick look at this unique waterfront listing!

? $16,000,000
?3905 Lake Washington Blvd N
? 9 bedrooms
? 7 full, 1 half baths
? 8,000 square feet
? Built in 2006

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Thank you for your interest!

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– Video filmed and edited by Christopher Jones of Summit Properties NW
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Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds

The Owner and Designated Managing Broker of Summit Properties NW and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal.



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