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1983-2017: How Real Estate Has Changed Since I Started

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I’m Sean Reynolds from Summit Properties Northwest and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal, and this is kind of a quick video on how real estate has changed since I started in the industry. Well, going back to the beginning of my career, I started in about 1983. I wasn’t even in high school at that time, but I was working for a family owned appraisal company and was also around a real estate brokerage. So kind of the same two things that I’m doing right now, like a lot of years later. And so back in the early eighties, um, the biggest changes we were seeing were in xerox machines and that’s basically just copy machines. Technology was just kind of coming out in order to be able to do mass printing and that meant a lot of things were kind of changing as far as the way products were being developed. Um, back then we had MLS books that came, so you got a stack of books dropped off depending on how many MLS areas you wanted to have.

You had them dropped off at your office and by then they’re already about a week out of date, so your information was just way slow compared to today. And then the next technology that we started to get after the copy machines was the fax machine. All of a sudden you’ve got pieces of paper coming over your fax line with a bunch of information on them and that meant you could now send your information also to the other guy. So no longer did you need to have stuff delivered to your door, you could send it out, and that was kind of the beginning of technology kind of emerging. Next step after that was probably the personal computer. All of a sudden you’ve got um, the ability for small offices to have technology that was once reserved for the big massive offices and most real estate companies or small little offices.

And so they started to get the influx of the small computer. Another huge game changer that happened in, I think we started sending out our appraisals via email in like 2001, was email. Something as simple as email. All of a sudden you hit a button, boom, your message goes to another guy halfway around the world and it happens like that, so you no longer had to pick up the phone. You no longer have to send a fax. You’ve got this instantaneous way of communicating and also sending stuff so now you can send an attachment of that pdf and the other guy so far away has, has got your information and that happens instantaneously, so now you’ve got this exchange of information that’s happening way faster than it used to and now we kind of take it for granted. If you don’t have something in like two minutes and you’re like, oh, what happened to my pdf? Where’d my email go?

But I think the biggest technology that’s hit the real estate market is the Internet. So we had personal computers for a while, but that didn’t really mean much, because then you couldn’t really send things back and forth as far as documents or pdf files. When we started to get faster Internet connection, then all of a sudden that kind of leveled the playing field, as far as small businesses being able to compete with bigger businesses. So now you’ve got appraisals going out via pdf, you’ve got contracts going back and forth, and at that same time, cell phone technology took place, so you no longer have to be sitting in an office to take that phone call, your phone calls was wherever your phone was. So the advent of the Internet and the cell phone were massive kind of game changers and a lot of that technology is stuff that the younger generation now doesn’t even understand how much that’s changed things and a lot of this is just evolution of business.

We’ve come from so far in the last since 1983, we have come so far with all these technological changes and I look forward to seeing what we have coming on in the near future as well. Again, I’m Sean Reynolds from Summit Properties Northwest and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal. I appreciate you watching this video and I’d love to have you subscribe by hitting the subscribe button, or comment, or shoot me ideas on other videos you’d like to see as well. I’m open to creating videos on any kind of topics people want to see. Again, thanks for watching the video, bye.

Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds

The Owner and Designated Managing Broker of Summit Properties NW and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal.



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