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Is a sports bar a good investment? (2020) With Dan Flitsch, Seattle Sports Pub Owner

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Is a sports bar a good investment in the year 2020? Find out this question and the best advice from a bar owner as Dan Flitsch the owner of the Savage Moose Sports Pub and Off the Rails Sports Pub gives his inside look into bar ownership, bar management, owning a bar as an investment and much more. Dan will share tips and tricks he has learned over the years that have helped him turn bars around & provide a solid living.

Ever been to a bar and looked around and thought it might be fun to own the place?? Just about everyone has. Find out what it’s actually like to own a neighborhood sports bar, join us in this Only In Seattle Podcast hosted by Sean Reynolds of Summit Properties NW & Reynolds & Kline Appraisal.

Dan Flitsch was a longtime fixture in the Washington Mortgage Industry as co-owner and manager of Legacy Group Lending – Bellevue, WA. After completing his career in the mortgage industry Dan was looking at opportunities outside of the real estate mortgage industry. A client recommended he take a look at a bar for sale, The Savage Moose Sports Pub in Kenmore. Dan bought it, turned it around and has bought two more since then. Find out as Dan talks about the most common topics people always have about owning a neighborhood sports pub/bar.

-How much do bar owners make
-Pros and cons of owning a bar
-How to run a neighborhood sports bar around
-What makes a good sports bar
-How do I get into bar ownership
-Successfully managing a sports bar
-Growing your neighborhood sports bar
-Is a bar a good investment

Hear all of these issues discussed in “Best advice from a bar owner” on the Only In Seattle Podcast with host Sean Reynolds.

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Sean Reynolds

The Owner and Designated Managing Broker of Summit Properties NW and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal.



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